Soham Core Strengths


Soham Core

As a company with purpose, Soham is built to lead in these areas.

People are our main assets be it either employees or associates

Good Renewables Understanding

Go-to-Market Capabilities

Engineering Capability

Scale and Productivity

Strong Asset Management Skills



Soham has been able to attract top performers and young recruits alike because:

It is in a field that does good in terms of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, improving the country's energy security position. And while doing all of that, It builds a sound balance sheet

It does the above in the most Eco, Enviro and People friendly manner

It is funded by global financial leaders who will not rest before making Soham a major renewable energy powerhouse from India

It has shown its technical expertise by building challenging projects faster, cheaper and with higher output

It has signalled its intent of becoming a market leader in this field by showing a clear pipeline of projects in the future

It sees the company's desire to connect with rural India (especially children) through its Foundation Activities

It has proven to be a company that is continuously innovating, getting higher revenues for its power, generating more power than originally conceptualized, getting better rates and high credibility buyers for its Carbon Credits

Our Goal

Our two long term
Goals are

Soham as a green power company was established with the idea of providing clean and sustainable energy.

Renewable Energy

To be among India's top three companies in renewable energy.

Improving Standards

To collaborate and partner with local communities in providing employment and improving standards of living.