Environmental Policy



Sustainability is deeply embedded in the way we think, act and work. We recognize the importance of environmental protection and preservation. This policy has been communicated to all our employees and shall be made available to the public stakeholders on request.

We aim to reduce carbon emission in the state power grid through the generation of clean

It is mandatory to get all the projects registered as CDM projects and 2% of revenue from CERs trading is earmarked for CSR activities

We employ scientific methods to dispose of residual waste after recycling

At construction sites, proper drinking water facilities and sanitation are maintained along with drainage system, septic tanks and soak pits

Scraps generated at construction sites are properly stacked for disposed of, including surplus excavated earth neatly arranged in terraces

We have established sound environmental objectives, targets and a process in place to review them. It is mandatory to comply with all the applicable legal/regulatory and other environmental requirements

We follow international best practices when it comes to reducing emissions from vehicles. We comply with all kinds of regulatory norms and proactively works with industry leaders, the government, and other relevant agencies

We deploy environmentally sustainable technologies and follow best practices for the prevention of pollution

We conserve natural resources by minimising their consumption and wastage

We minimise waste generation, enhance recovery & recycling of material and develop eco-friendly waste disposal practices

We spread awareness amongst our workforce, customers and vendors on environmental