About Us



Soham is a leading Hydro Power Company with a goal to provide clean, renewable energy across India.

Transition to renewable energy is inevitable for the sustenance of our planet. Among renewable sources, hydro power is decidedly the least expensive and most efficient as far as the life cycle of a project is concerned. India is blessed with plenty of renewable resources and her hydro power resources are estimated to be 5th largest in the world. Only 26% of this is utilized and this is to double in the coming decade.

We at Soham recognize this. We are a renewable power company committed to offer sustainable clean energy to consumers at affordable costs, while being socially compliant and environmentally responsible. Our pioneering foray into direct sales to C&I have ensured a win-win for consumers and Soham alike.

In our quest to achieve a pan India presence and to diversify renewable power generation, we are presently acquiring projects across India. It is our unwavering belief and constant innovation that fuel our passion to build a future for all of us – one that’s greener, brighter and full of hope.


To redefine how energy is created and catered through clean, renewable energy.


To preserve our environment by reducing carbon emissions and using sustainable technologies and practices.


To ensure safety & uplift the lives of people within our communities by providing access to quality education, better health facilities & economic opportunities.



Mr. Sanjith Shetty, Vice Chairman of the company, heads the day to day operations of the company. An Industrial Engineer, he graduated as Class Valedictorian from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University – a Top 10 Business School in America and is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University. A serial entrepreneur, he has headed ventures including manufacturing of Alcoholic Beverages, Energy conservation systems, IT Education, E-validation Services, etc.

Managing director

Mr. Sanjith Shetty

A Commerce graduate, he has significant project experience in implementing and operating various businesses. Mr. Suchindra Shetty is instrumental in optimizing Soham’s efficiency by directing all departmental operations and overseeing project implementations. He is largely responsible for guiding and managing various functional requirements of the company.


Mr. Suchindra Shetty

The Soham group was founded by Mr. Sadananda Shetty. Mr. Shetty, former Chairman & Managing Director of Vijaya Bank, has been credited with making it the fourth most profitable bank in India, during his tenure. He was also the former Vice Chairman of Indian Banks Association and has served on several Boards including Air India and the Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India. Currently, he holds the position of President, Renewable Energy Developer’s Association of Karnataka.


Mr. Sadananda Shetty.